Posted by: jmarleneh | November 18, 2008

Staying Longer?

So right now I am trying to see if I can stay just a little bit longer . . . I want to participate in the Russian  Far East Model United Nations conference being held here from Dec 26th-January 1st. But I still need to figure out logistics of changed tickets/lodging/etc! I also have a lot of homework to complete between now and this Thursday/early next week for the conference. So we’ll see what happens!  Eek. How I wish I brought my laptop?!?! Why didn’t I?!?  Grrrrrrr . . .



  1. Why didn’t you?!
    Also…. 😉

  2. I am so sorry . you do not have yablaka. I think if you are changing your come home date anyway that you should try to just stay for the year ! We of course miss you but you are lovin’ life, learning alot, and you are already there so why not ?

  3. Oh by the way , where are our postcards ???

  4. I have really enjoyed reading your bog! I can see that life is really not that much different there than here. people our pretty much the same all over the world,trying to make life good for there spouses. I reget that American’s media seems to only represents the most negative in life. Any thing for a dollar. A country does needs it relegion.

  5. I was glad that you met someone from Tuva!

    Your account reminded me of the late Nobel Laureate (1965)Physicist Richard Feynman’s book, “Tuva or Bust: Richard Feynman’s Last Journey”. He died in 1988.

    Here is an excerpt of a review on the book from Amazon:

    Always adventurous, Feynman was also a careful planner, recounts his friend and fellow drummer Ralph Leighton in this affectionate memoir. When a chance remark happened to dislodge a long-dormant memory of a faraway Siberian land called Tannu-Tuva, Feynman and Leighton set about scheming to get there–a program that included learning the little-described Tuvan language, picking up the rudiments of throat singing, and reading the scattered, hard-to-find literature concerning a place that, in Feynman’s fond view, was as close to paradise as the earth contained. It also involved corresponding with scholars in what was still the Soviet Union and wrangling with bureaucrats to secure the necessary papers–all for the sake of seeing a country that had to be interesting, Feynman insisted, just because its capital, Kyzyl, had such an odd spelling.

    Anyway, thank you for the Blogs! We have read them to Bernice.
    I am glad you have the opportunity to stay over. I remember spending Halloween in Osaka, but didn’t stay long enough for Christmas.

  6. Hannah-
    I don’t know why I didn’t logically?!?!
    And . .. 😉

    I sent your postcard a long time ago! I’ll try sending another one! I am sorry it didn’t arrive.

    I really can’t stay longer than a semester if I want to graduate on time and I really do! I hope to return to Russia in the future and maybe teach English here! 🙂 This isn’t the last time I’ll be in Russia. I really want to visit other parts, like Siberia!

    Marshall- I found out about Feynman’s interest in Tuva when I looked for some information about Tuva online! I was so delighted that I had heard of him and read his book before! Thanks for opening the world up to me through all the books you’ve given me! I am amazed how often I can recall something from them.

    I really want to visit Tuva now! Artish has become one of our closest friends and has told us we must visit! I’ve decided I will visit Tuva one day!!!! Rebecca and I even threw him a birthday party and invited some of his other friends. 🙂 It was really fun and must be the subject of a future post! But now i have no time to write about it!
    I will have to tell him next time I see him that a famous American phyiscist had thought of Tuva as “close to paradise as the world contained.” I wonder what his reaction will be . . .

    I love you all dearly! Sorry I don’t write more! I would if I had yablaka (my laptop) with me! I really regret not bringing it!

  7. I found the site it’s called “Friends of Tuva”! You can even subscribe to their newsletters!?!? Who doesn’t want to be a friend of Tuva!!?

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