Posted by: jmarleneh | November 7, 2008

The Whole World Rejoices

Hannah, I was thinking of the election I just was too nervous to write about it. This awkward short post is for you.

Last night on the Russian news we saw clips of people in Kenya rejoicing over Obama’s win. It really seems as if the whole rejoices! Russians have also been following our election. It is really important for them (and much of the world). In one of the city’s magazines Afisha it follows Obama’s campaign trail with a timeline and the prediction that he would win! Russians like Obama. And so does most of the world (at least right now/over McCain). How interesting to hear about the election here in Russia. I am elated that Obama won. I truly hope that U.S. can take on a different role in international relations.

I met my friend Artish in the internet cafe while I was looking up news about Obama’s win. I shared my excitement with him. “He’s really the first Black president?” he commented- more to himself than to me. I tried to explain how things were very different not too long ago. He pulled up a chair and we read some news together. My favorite article I read was about how the rest of the world reacted to electing Obama.

“Maybe one day Russia will have an Asian president” he added. Maybe . . .



  1. Thanks, Jess. I was just wondering what your experience was, I saw footage of people celebrating in Saint Petersburg. Didn’t meant to put you on the spot, <3.

  2. I read that same article the day it came out in the New York Times. The article made me happy, but it was also rather intimidating. Obama has so many expectations to live up to. And the American people, now that we have proved to have some sense. The future is vast.

  3. Claire I agree! I think everyone will inevitably be let down somewhat but such hope is better than none! How can change in leadership fix all of the institutional problems our country/world faces? I think even the U.S. president can only do so much. But I hope the U.S. can start to be seen differently (as well as act differently!).

  4. That’s true. Any start will be good. You spelled my name wrong up above, by the way. No i. And thank you for the postcard! I do like cats, and it was very sweet. I couldn’t read about half of what you wrote in Russian, since I haven’t practiced and I don’t have my textbook or dicitonary at school. But I will work on it. : )

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