Posted by: jmarleneh | November 4, 2008


Halloween seems to only be a theme that clubs have decided to use to attract more people. Halloween was also the international student fair here at the Russian School (just for foriegners!). Our school is composed of students mostly from Korea, China, and Japan. One of my favorite parts was watching the Korean girls dance. Especially since three of them are in my class! Later that night they came over to our room to “trick or treat.” Artish came to visit us on Halloween as did Kate, a girl we met from the international fair who is enamored with American culture and wanted to share some of her English/American movies with us. I was excited to meet her because she was so excited to meet us. But I confess I am a little disappointed to ask her about Russian film/music and hear her say that she’s just not that interested. 😦 American culture is overrated!  The 7 of us chatted for a while. I confess a lot of English is used between those of us who know English so having our Korean friends over (Ewn Yong, Ewn Kyong, and Gee Hong?- Korean names are the HARDEST names ever) was especially fun because it forced us to use more Russian since they understand much English! We talked about American culture and shared what American cartoon/TV shows were popular in Korea and Russia. We even turned on the TV in our dorm room to the Korean channel and guessed what was going on. It was really amusing to find out what some of the commericials were actually for.  After our Korean friends left the four of us watched two episodes of Scrubs in Russian. It was a lovely Halloween.  😉



  1. Apparently Prison Break is really popular in China.
    I’m surprised you didn’t say anything about the election!

  2. Good afternoon, Happy day-after-Halloween! Today the real scares come when all you one night standers find out you just got a nasty case of herpes. :D!!

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