Posted by: jmarleneh | October 17, 2008

Random Post

Sorry for not posting in a while. Internet can be unreliable and somehow my last post disappeared- much like e-mails that no one ever seemed to get! Why is Russian Internet so strange?!?

Where to begin? I don’t even want to limit this post to a particular topic because too much has happened since I last posted. To begin let me confess that the impossible has happened. I have fallen in love. There’s no other way to describe it.  Владивосток is such a beautiful city! I can enjoy the sunset over the ocean from campus with just a couple steps from the dorm (I envy those in our building who can enjoy it from their window). It takes my breath away!  

Although much in this city literally takes make breath away- particularly the pollution. If I can walk I prefer it over the buses because sometimes (especially when they’re really busy and crowded) I feel like I am suffocating on the exhaust and cigarette smoke. I remember once I was seriously contemplating just getting off the bus and walking the rest of way home (No worries, I knew where I was and it wasn’t that far). As beautiful as the city is the air isn’t too clean. I am reminded that I need to take my daily asthma medication here. I am glad I brought some Advair, which I very rarely used in the states.

In class we learned the most beautiful times of the year here are in August/September- just like in Portland! Much reminds me of Portland. I love the feeling of being on the edge of this enormous country. Of course, it feels much more profound here (Russia makes everything profound!) since Siberia seperates us and Moscow/St. Petersburg. This region is young without “much history” somewhat like the Northwest.  They call autumn here  “Золотой Осень” because all the leaves turn yellow, orange and red and I just can’t begin to describe how beautiful it all is with the sunlight beaming through the shimmering leaves. Autumn is officially my favorite season. And I’ve decided it is most beautiful here (at least compared to all the other “exotic” places I’ve been . . . ).

I tried cooking last night and got carried away chopping so I made way too much food but one sympathetic bystander actually offered to help (you can strain the pot with the lid and not just a spoon?!? Who woulda thought?). His name is Peter and being fluent in Russian he studies at the regular college and offered to help me with my Russian. He was very excited to meet an American (as most students are here) but I hope that he can teach me something I may need to learn even more than the Russian Genitive Plural- survival cooking skills. I building up the confidence to ask some of the acquaintances I’ve made in the hall to teach me. I watch them in amazement. I want to cook like them (or closer than I can now!). We’ll see.

I am really bad at this blog posting business- what to write about! Post your questions and I try writing answers to them! Love to you all!



  1. if you bake him cookies as a thank you for helping you with your russian… try hard not to burn them- you can do it, i’ve seen you not burn cookies!

  2. Jessica,

    I’ve finally fallen in love … WITH A CITY !!!
    You are Killin’ me ……..
    luv U

  3. Ellen it’s a good idea I’ve thought about! Only I am afraid of the creatures that literally live in the oven in the dorm kitchen here (I think there’s a reason NO ONE uses them!).

  4. What three things do you want to accomplish/experience before you come home?

  5.'s of home

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