Posted by: jmarleneh | October 3, 2008

Tea with Real Russians

We got invited to have tea and some authentic Russian food at a real Russian’s apartment! I can’t express how excited this made us! Living in the dorm sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live with actual Russians and how they actually live! The apartment was small but cozy. She served us some delicious Borsch. I didn’t like the Borsch I tried in the states but for some reason Elena’s borsch was delicious. I remember they played Linkin Park in the background. Rebecca and I have found an opportunity to help others practice their English conversation skills and in return we’ve found friendship, people willing to reciprocate practice with us, and a lot of fun! I love the humor that naturally comes with language learning! 🙂 It feels great to help others with their English. Americans are so rare here! We met some of Elena’s friends, took many pictures, saw many of hers, and got invited to her church the next day! It was much easier to understand than the Russian-Korean Presbyterian one I’ve been attending Sunday mornings and since it meets at 4 I could go to both. I think I’ll try that again! It’s very nice befriending a Russian family. I hope we continue to do things together.



  1. How did you come across a Russian-Korean church in Vladivostok?!

  2. I am so excited for you!! It seems like you are having such a blast in Russia. I am so proud of my roomie!!

    Jess Jess I love you and I hope you continue to have fun and keep learning new things!


  3. The Russian-Korean church is RIGHT next to campus! I couldn’t miss it.

    And thanks for the warm wishes Emilee!

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