Posted by: jmarleneh | October 3, 2008

Manly Tea

I recently asked myself “What type of tea do Russians drink?” I decided to spend my afternoon getting a hold of some authentic “Russian Tea.” I found a tea/coffee shop and found myself overwhelmed by all of their massive selection. Where to start?!? I asked the cashier if they had Russian Tea? She took me to a corner of the shop on dusted off some boxes from the lower shop. I snatched a box called “Yccuri Tea” I had seen this name on a map of Primorsky Krae- it wasn’t only “Russian” it was regional! I thought of how it must be the equivalent to Portland’s Stump Town Coffee and bought it right away. I also bought some “regional cosmonaunt” tea for the same reason- the beautiful box! The cashier had tried to explain something to me about the teas but I didn’t quite understand. All I grasped was that they were good for your health. “Perfect!” I told her, already convinced by the pictures. The boxes also had an English translation I decided to trust. When we took it home I tried the Cosmonaut tea. It tasted like watered down rust. But just think about all the minerals your getting! Our friend Artish was over and being a native Russian speaker studying English, he read the boxes and translated them to us. The Cosmonaut tea was good for enduring the harsh cold and emotional trauma- just what I need here in Russia!!! He picked up the other box and exploded laughing. I had read the “same” description in Russian and found nothing to laugh about. “This one” he began “is very good for . . . uh, men’s health” Rebecca and I shot eachother a look. We told him he didn’t need to explain anymore. Is there really such thing as “Man Tea” in Russia?!? I guess so! How embarassing. I confess it took me a while before I would try it. Rebecca tried it for me first. She liked it. It wasn’t bad. Actually it was better than the Cosmonaut tea but I think it’s “potency” is wasted on me.

Rebecca and the Yssuri Tea

Rebecca and the Yssuri Tea


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