Posted by: jmarleneh | October 3, 2008

Dirty Americans

There is so much I could write about right now and so little time! The week before last Rebecca and I returned to our rooms to find someone had been in our room! They had taken our towels, bedding and . . . plastic bottle collection! We were grateful that we had “fresh” bedding but were a little more disturbed by our missing collection. To be honest I didn’t even notice that the bottles were gone when I first got back. But then the older lady who lives on our floor (I am still not sure what to call her . . . ) knocked twice very quickly and came in to ask us why we had so much garbage in our room. She meant the plastic bag we kept of plastic bottles (& other “recycable” goods). I didn’t know how to answer her. We started the bag without thinking and then kept adding to it out of some sort of wishful thinking/nostalgia. It wasn’t that big. And it was tucked between the counter and fridge but she found it nonetheless! The funniest part was when she dug under Rebecca’s desk to take out a plastic bottle she had been using for water and took it away to show me how to depose of it. I didn’t know how to explain to her and didn’t understand everything she was saying to me. I wonder what they must think of us dirty Americans I am sure our room is quite messy compared to what they must be used to seeing.



  1. Wow… should have started reading this earlier.

    My immediate reaction is: Recycling in RUSSIA? What the f@!k are you thinking?! <:-D

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