Posted by: jmarleneh | September 24, 2008

Settled In

I’d consider myself pretty “settled in” by now.  I am starting to develop a routine. I live in the dorm on a fancy floor for foreigners. I remember thinking that our room felt very large. But I didn’t realize how much of the “posh” treatment we really got until Rebecca and I became friends with some Russian students on the other floors. I remember the lingering shock I felt after Artish explained that the other floors didn’t have washers. I was complaining that we only get to use small washers once a week and the rest of the students wash their clothes themselves! Eek. We also have fancy new windows that are sealed and open and close easily. I haven’t been in a “regular” Russian room so I am not sure how else it differs but for one of the first  times in my life I feel among the most privileged at our school! It’s so strange to describe!

My Classes

Classes are about an hour and a half each and we have at least 2 and sometimes 3 a day. We take Reading/Writing and Conversation twice a week. Grammar 4 times a week. And we have a video class about Russian cities (so far, at least) and a music/phonetics class once a week. Rebecca and I also take a special class (with just us) that has included the history and geography of the city and our instructor told us that we can help shape what we’ll study later. And yes, ALL of our classes are in Russian. In our classes we study with the same group of girls from Korea and Japan.  Altogether there are 7 of us so far. I enjoy my classes for the most part.  Today our “history” class was extra long because our teacher had a doctor’s appointment during last class. I thought I wouldn’t make it through over 2 hours of lecture on Russian history/geography in Russian but it wasn’t all that bad! She showed a video the school made about studying at the university and about my dream– riding the Transsiberian Railroad. Class didn’t feel like it lasted that long. And I didn’t care that it went over because I got to ask some questions!  😀



  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself and learning, you privileged American, you.

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