Posted by: jmarleneh | September 8, 2008

Traffic- A Daily Near Death Experience

We were told that:

If you can drive in Vladivostok you can drive anywhere!

Somehow I have a hard time imagining this. Especially since most other places have traffic laws. As far as I can tell Vladivostok has none. There are no “right of way” rules. I’ve seen two traffic lights in the entire city. I remember when I first started to learn to drive and I wondered what driving would be like without traffic laws. I no longer have to imagine! I’ve started to stop counting how many times I “almost” got hit or had to jump on the curb. Of course, walking on the curb without paying attention to traffic isn’t entirely safe either! Yes, I’ve had to dodge side view windows on the sidewalk. Cab drivers insist no seatbelts are needed and they tuck them behind the seat. And they smoke, talk on the cellphone and flirt with their girlfriend in the front seat all at the same time! The traffic here keeps me praying everyday! I remember one instance in particular where I was a step away from being hit by a bus. A single step! The drivers here maneuver around the clumps of people on the crosswalk. They study the pace of the pedestrains and assume you’ll keep at that pace so that they can just barely sneak by you. NEVER speed up or slow down too much in the crosswalk unless the driver is figuring you’ll just dodge him, which some do. I’ll never complain about how dangerous traffic is in Portland ever again!



  1. No right of way !!! Are they CRAZY ……
    don’t they know what happens when cars collied or when pedistrians are struck by cars ? I am curious to know what the accident rate is …….hum
    Let me know

  2. I was also wondering if this is why the Russians when walking to Church have no concept of being in the middle of the road ??? Do you think one has anything to do with the other ?

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